Honda Outboard 2.3 SCHU 4 Stroke Engine

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Honda Outboard 2.3 SCHU 4 Stroke Engine

  • Honda 2.3
  • 2.3 HP
  • Short Shaft
  • Tiller Handle 
  • 6 Year Honda Domestic Warranty   
  • 2 Year Honda Commercial Warranty  
Technical Information and Dimensions for the Honda BF2.3 hp are available in PDF format by clicking on the Information File button below.




Availability: Available
Part#: BF2.3 SCHU
Mfr#: BF2.3 SCHU

Sale Price: £610.00
Promotional Price
Our Usual Price: £660.00
  • The Honda 2.3 4 stroke outboard engine is the most popular of its HP on the market to date. A fantstic little engine that owes its popularity and sucess to its light weight body and ease of use due to the following key Features and Benefits:
  • Weight 13.5KG makes it easy to carry and tranfer from boat/shore to tender and back and why not buy a genuine Honda carry bag/cover to make the process of carrying the 2.3 hp Honda outboard easier still.
  • Centrifugal clutch (Automatic) instead of manualy operated gears, 360 degree rotation for reverse and complete direction control makes the Honda 2.3 hp outboard incredibly easy to use with one hand on the tiller.
  • The centrifugal clutch will only start to engage propulsion at a quarter turn (approx) on the throttle enabling the user to start the engine with out it being in gear making the Honda 2.3 hp very safe to use  (This is a guide as the throttle position to engage propulsion may differ slightly from one engine to another)
  • Twist grip thottle on the tiller handle complete with tensioning screw for easier speed control
  • Stop button, saftey switch and Lanyard (otherwise known as Kill switch, dead mans handle, Dead mans switch)
  • Manual choke, Steering tensioner, fuel cut off lever.
  • The Honda Outboard BF2.3 SCHU has four trim settings for a variety of transom angles plus locking tilt position for transportation
  • Reduced servicing costs as the Honda BF 2.3 hp does not have water pumps, oil filters or impellors
  • Fuel economy on the Honda 2.3 hp is approximatly 50 minutes running at full throttle on a full tank of fuel (1ltr). (Please not the fuel efficiency stated is for guidance purposes only variants such as weight of craft, water flow, hull design, weight and number of occupants and equpment wiil effect fuel economy as a result we would always recommend spare fuel to be carried at all times).
  • As if all of the above was not enough Honda Marine offer a 6 year domestic warranty or a 2 year commecial warranty on all their New Honda Outboard which they would not do if you couldn’t rely on it.

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